Love Limbo

25 Mar

I’m sure everyone is familiar with that time in a relationship between a man and a woman right after harmless flirting and innuendos and that roller coaster peak before the standards are set  between the two parties.  I like to call this, ‘love limbo’.  The girl is over analyzing every act he does and every word he speaks.  The fella puts on that ‘tough guy’ facade so the girl can’t see right through him.  This time seems cute from the outside but it’s quite brutal when you’re the one involved; taking unnecessary blows to the ego, heart and soul.  There is a lot of miscommunication and assuming.

Why is it natural for us to clam up? Run? Become defensive?  We make up excuse after excuse going in either direction whether it’s, “no, he’s just acting that way to be nice” or “oooh, he said something nice to me, he MUST have feelings for me”.  HOW DO WE TELL THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?! Just like sitting in that roller coaster car at the top of the initial incline, that slight hesitation that builds that horrifying fear in the pit of our being, this love limbo does the same exact thing!  Instead of trusting in knowing that the ride will continue immediately, this limbo may linger a lot longer than we anticipate and it creates a greater fear.  Being an impatient girl, I hope for the male party helps the car along it’s course and gets the ride going faster but the AH-HAH moment I just had was no matter how hard each rider shakes the car forward or yells or prays, the car will peak and fall at it’s necessary moment.  In the meantime, be patient and think about how you cope with that initial climb on that terrifying roller coaster and you’ll make it through the love limbo.


Pretty Outlandish Dreams!

3 Oct

I am BACK from a lengthy sabbatical of documenting my thoughts, perspectives and my AH-HAH moments.  This time, I’m taking a different approach with my writings.  I will be documenting my very vivid, random, and meaningful dreams.  That’s right! I’m giving you a glimpse into the works of my mind…scary, I KNOW! But I need to keep record of these things.  I have learned throughout my life that my dreams relay messages, show characteristics in myself that I’m unaware of, and even predict what’s to come in the future.  I will be capturing the dream first then pulling definitions from of the things that are in my dreams.  You’ll know what I mean once you read my first dream….

I just want to be someone’s someone!

17 Jan

Yeah…so what?! I shoot guns, ride motorcycles, play with bulls, wrestle with boys and drink whiskey. I may be a career driven woman, leery about child birth and curse like a sailor…but I still hurt with the broken hearted, cry with the sad, and yern with the fairy-tale dreamers!  I’m still a woman! I still want to be held, loved, desired, wanted, to be someone’s someone!

Stickin’ to my guns!

14 Apr
I have come to the realization that I am an old soul and have a fairy tale princess inside of me.  I know this is not how the world operates any longer but I cannot deny who I am and conform to today’s society.  If it takes me longer than expected and many miles of traveling to find prince charming, so be it!  I want to captivate him, to leave him in awe, to make his heart skip a beat.  I want him not to hesitate to take me into his arms and twirl me round a dance floor.  I don’t want him to be afraid at all as a matter of fact!  I want to explore the world with him…try new adventures, challenge one another!

There’s this guy…

21 Mar


The situation is like fishing…I have my line out there with amazing bait and he’s that big ass prize winning fish swimming all around my bait.  And I know for a fact and he knows that’s his favorite bait of all times!  I can see his silhouette swimming in circles and he hints at going for it but doesn’t fully take it.  You want to talk about nerves and patience?!?! OMG!

I wish more men had this mentality!

9 Mar

This is a friend from high school singing Josh Thomspon’s “I won’t go crazy”


“I think the universe only wants me associating with really awesome men!”

28 Feb

I had this as a facebook post and it got me thinking, I wanted to explain myself a little more after I had a handful of people liking and commenting on it.  Again, another light bulb  AH-HAH! moments happened here.  I was online and I kept getting these IM’s on one of my social networking sites and then I realized he was a gentlemen of a pretty famous status.  I was taken back and wondered why he was chatting with me and if he was really who he says he is.  After long interrogation, he was in fact HIM! After acting all cool and not letting his status get to me and carrying on a conversation, it hit me!  Wow….all the “vanilla men” in my life have been around for a short amount of time and had nothing to contribute and had no interested in who I was or what I enjoyed.  Now that I’ve observed the men who have stuck around and are still a stable in my world, they are incredible prestigious men!

Some of you wonder “who was that guy?” “what’s he famous for?” Well ladies and gentlemen, that was the thing…I made sure NOT to discuss his spot light talent and get to know him as a person and found out that this tough guy uses art as an outlet! COOL HUH?! Wow…it really brought him down to human level from his stardom pedestal!

From now on, I will no longer settle for plain vanilla because that’s not what’s suppose to be in my life.  Because I’m very unique and extraordinary, so will be the men that come along and stay awhile!